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Hellraiser Revelations ?

Who the hell greenlit this piece of crap? This is everything  but  a revelation, that`s for sure.

I really enjoyed every Hellraiser movie until now, even if some were kinda weak, but at least we had Doug Bradley still on board.

Hell, one even featured Lance Henriksen. This runs about 70 minutes or so, pretty short. And I could`ve forgiven the weak  story and acting. But the guy playing Pinhead looks just so goddamn weird, it`s the eyes.They could have at least looked for a guy with the same facial structure as Doug, it may have looked less weird.

If it`s true that they did this movie, only to hold on to the rights for the remake of the original, then one must wonder about the basic workings of the industry.  Avoid this like the plague, it is utter crap.


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