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Directed by  Jim Van Bebber

I came across this title in the mid-or late nineties, when I discovered this special movie store, that dealt in Horror and uncut stuff, and sold VHS, Laserdisc and DVDs later on, too. They had a rental section, which featured the most sought after titles, a Best Of  of all the nastiest and bestknown titles, from Exploitation to Mainstream Horror.

Driller Killer, Braindead, Men behind the Sun , Phantom Soldiers(which i never rented, since my taste then was directed at other things, for the most part). Endless list, really, so much good stuff there.

But i rented Deadbeat at Dawn on recommendation , i believe.

Goose is the leader of the Ravens, a gang who fights the rival gang, the Spiders, on a regular basis. When Goose gets hurt in one of these fights again, his girlfriend Christy  tells him to quit the gang, or she`ll be leaving him.

He agrees, but still wants to do one last drug deal, before quitting the gang life, to live a peaceful life with Christy.

The leader of the Spiders doesn`t like the idea of Goose quitting the whole gang thing and wants him dead. But when they come to his apartment, Goose is off to meet for the deal and they kill Christy, who is home alone.

Goose discovers his girlfriend murdered ,and of course, swears bloody revenge.

This film is a cheap indie movie, directed by Van Bebber himself( he is also playing Goose).

It features some tough and bloody fights and a creepy, dirty feel. Especially the use of nunchakus is something I remember well. Back then, that was maybe my first real contact with films we call exploitation, and i was somewhat fascinated by it. The film isn`t perfect, of course, the editing and the acting isn`t exactly great, but you still keep watching , and if you`ve seen a few of those exploitation movies, you know that they often have some fascinating element that makes it worth your time. Or just enough entertainment value to not dismiss it after the first 10 minutes into the film. It sure left a mark in my head, mabe more so , as it was the first of its kind I was watching. I could write more, but its not really a movie i wanna go deep at.

I guess its a cult classic, and if youre into exploitation, this is one to watch.

It is available on DVD, trailer below.


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  1. good one man! i’d heard of this one a while back, but never knew anything about it or if it was even any good. sounds like something i’d like to check out someday. 🙂

    October 18, 2011 at 11:19 PM

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