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MEN OF WAR(1994)

Director: Perry Lang

Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Charlotte Lewis, B.D. Wong, Tim Guinee, Catherine Bell, Trevor Goddard, Kevin Tighe and more.

This was one of my most precious VHS, back when i still had them all.

It was an uncut tape from the Netherlands, a title like that cost me 60 german marks back then.

At least i had access to those titles, thanks to a store specialized in uncut and horror stuff. They weren`t cheap, but they knew their shit. It was heaven on earth to me . Now, it it is a bit different, most stuff you can find online. And i`m not as „rich“ as I was back then. If i now had some money to spend on films, i`m sure id still find some great stuff there. It still exists, which is great. Once i get a fucking job i`ll visit you again, guys.

The german version was cut, and not just a little. The thing with german censorship always felt like they`d throw dices to determine what movie gets cut. Overall it got better with time, we have had some changes regarding that problem, but back then it was insulting, to get cut versions of movies that already had the adult rating. Thank god for the internet,lol.

Dolph Lundgren is Nick Gunar, an ex-mercenary and  special forces vet.

He is offered a new mission, and since it seems like there aren`t many other options for a good pay-day, he accepts. He assembles a team of mostly old  war comrades, a colorful bunch, as to be expected. That part of the film is pretty entertaining, as we see each character introduced and given their respective background .

They run into Keefer, a somewhat psychopathic character, who served with Nick some time ago. And for an unexplained reason Keefer hates Nick`s guts.They could  at least have explained it a bit, but we are left with the facts, and it doesn`t really hurt, but i would have liked a little info on their story. After a brawl in a (I believe) Bangkok strip club, Keefer turns up as some kind of security guy. Or that was, how I understood it.

You`re free to enlighten me .

He spots Nick, and since they seem to have some sort of beef, Keefer uses his power to beat up Nick. Nick let`s that happen, but only to protect the rest of the bunch.

Keefer seems to know or find out about the job they are going for, so he keeps following them.

The team arrives on the island, the mission seems simple: Convincing the locals to sign over mining rights to the Corporation that hired them. But they don`t want that, of course.

They end up spending some time on the island, some get closer to local girls, even Nick.

Since he is supposed to kill these people, should they not comply, he talks to his employers. He finds out that its`s all about bird shit ( guano). Though precious, he isn`t willing to kill people for bird shit.

He gets back on the island, now willing to fight for the island people.

Who doesn`t agree with him, he sends off the island.

Now of course, the time for Keefer has come , and he has no scruple to kill those people.

Nick  and the mercenaries who stayed with him, now have to fight Keefer and his men.

And there will be: EXPLODING HUTS..Yeahhh!!!!

I enjoyed this a great deal, this is high quality action food, and leaves little to desire.

My only complaints would be the missing backstory for Nick and Keefer, plus a scene towards the end, that  didn`t make much sense ( when Keefer blows up the Colonel and Nick jumps towards him, only to wait for Keefer in a cave , in which he drops by accident.)

He couldn`t possibly have foreseen that. But ok, maybe the editor was drunk or something, and it also slipped through quality control. Hilarious.

But all in all, a great movie. Great cast, great characters, especially the late Trevor Goddard

( who isn`t  australian btw). He is such fun to watch, and some of you might remember him as Kano in MORTAL KOMBAT.

Some memories of Dolph, regarding this movie:
Shot in Thailand at a beautiful location in Krabi, which is the place they later shot The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio. At the time we where there, it was quite undeveloped, we had lots of good times in those small beach restaurants, and going swimming in the Gulf after work.

The military advisor was an old American Special Forces officer, who managed to get all of our guns into Thailand, because there was a civil war going on in that particular province. I guess they had to bribe the Police Chief or something like that, to allow these weapons onto the movie set.

The US DVD is a good choice (R-rated), but still misses a few scenes. A german Bootleg DVD is available, containing the unrated version in widescreen, german and english audio.


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  1. Wow! Another one I’ve never seen! Great review, you sold me on it!

    October 8, 2011 at 3:08 AM

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