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DRIVE Scorpion jacket for sale..hellyeah !

I just stumbled upon this by accident, but it had me excited.

The jacket worn by Ryan Gosling in his latest , IMO great movie DRIVE is for sale.

And it`s very much the original, just as it was seen in the movie.

My brother is interested, partly because he is a scorpio.

but it`s a cool jacket, and I´d buy one, if only i had the money.

You can check out all details on the site that sells it here:


If you liked that movie as much as I did, maybe you are tempted to buy it.

With a sale date expected on 15th November, the site is now taking pre-orders.
The replica stays true to the original, as worn by Gosling’s unnamed and largely silent character known only as Driver.
The film’s costume designer, Erin Benach, told GQ magazine recently that the inspiration for the jacket style came in part from Gosling:
‘Ryan was really inspired by these Korean souvenir jackets from the Fifties. We got to this idea of a white quilted satin jacket with a scorpion on the back. The scorpion came a little later – that was inspired by this Kenneth Anger video Scorpio.’
‘We built the jacket from scratch. We used a tailor in Los Angeles… We had maybe ten different styles tested: we had a baseball cut for the shoulders, then we had a regular sleeve cut. We tried so many styles to nail the one that fitted and looked the best,’ Benach told the magazine.
The colour, an off-white creamy silver, was especially chosen to work with lighting and photography – Benach explained that white would have been too harsh for the scenes.
And it was almost scrapped altogether. ‘At one point we just thought, “Let’s go back and make it olive green or red” – but in the end we all fought for saving the white jacket because we loved so much.’ |DailyMail|


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