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Directed by Geoff Murphy

Well, i bet most of you have passed on this movie, for whatever reason.

But when it came out, I rented it right away, because of Mickey Rourke. I was watching everything with him at that time, it was his turn in my quest to see as much movies as I could  from a certain actor: I did that with Rutger Hauer and a lot of other actors, expanding my knowledge and quenching my thirst for moving images.

I don`t feel the same  urge now as i did back then, after some time, you feel like you have seen it all, and get a bit more picky. You are more and more picky with what you watch, and why. At least that`s what happened to me.

But back then i took chances and with this one, i got rewarded. It`s a  dirty, bloody western. The cast includes very good actors, among them Steve Buscemi, Ted Levine, Dermot Mulroney, John C. McGinley and more.

This was produced by HBO , they did a great job.

A bunch of ex-confederate soldiers, led by the brutal Graff(Mickey Rourke), plan a bank robbery, which ends up a bloodbath, but they escape. One of them is hurt very badly, and cannot keep up with the rest of them. Graff wants to kill him, but gets shot by Eustis(Mulroney) first.They believe him dead, but he isn`t. The Marshall and a bunch of volunteers find him, and Graff agrees to help hunting down the gang.

The gang flees towards Mexico, but Graff is closing in.

Bloody gunbattles and a sometimes impressive photography  make this worth a watch, and if you like Mickey Rourke, you will get a kick out of his performance. Mickey Rourke looks so awesome in his costume, Axl Rose actually looks a lot like this nowadays(which is not a bad thing, just an observation).No stranger to western, Geoff Murphy directed BLAZE OF GLORY just 3 years earlier. Surely not the worst director around.

I had  a blast, watching this. A dirty, brutal  western with a wonderful cast.

I can only recommend watching this. If you like western, i`m pretty sure you`ll love this one.


One response

  1. Ty

    This was a solid western. Mickey Rouke is always entertaining.

    October 6, 2011 at 6:23 PM

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