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Directed by Craig R. Baxley

This movie falls into a time, when Van Damme was  an upcoming star in action cinema, as was Steven Segal. Only Stallone had a bit of a down , with his comedies not really coming off the ground. Arnie had his Judgement Day.

Overall, the world of action was in a good state.

Michael Douglas  was producing a 5 movies package, which included Van Damme`s „ Double Impact“ and this one.First role for Brian Bosworth ,  a former Football player. I guess he wasn`t  unkown in the USA.

Who else started his career with a leading role? Not much actors, i believe, only Steven Segal comes to mind here.

It is again a director here, who I thought did  a bigger number of action movies than he actually did. He did ACTION JACKSON and  DARK ANGEL, after this he mostly did TV stuff, but no actioners like these.  Again, a complete shame, cuz he surely  delivered the goods .

I still remember sitting in the cinema watching this. And I believe, I ended up watching it more than once.

Joe Huff(Brian Bosworth) is a cop who is angry at the system for handling criminals with kid gloves.

He just got suspended, after he foiled a robbery in a supermarket.(what exactly is so bad about that?) This could  have starred Stallone or Dolph or Segal, just the perfect actioner allaround. The FBI pressures him into going undercover to infiltrate a biker gang, the „BROTHERHOOD“, led by the charismatic Chains(Lance Henriksen). They are running drugs and guns, and just recently killed a judge, who sentenced a member of their group. Joe doesn`t need long, before the gang takes notice of him. They want him to kill a guy, as an initiation test. With the help of the F.B.I. he fakes that and gets into the gang. He befriends  Chain`s girlfriend and learns that she isn`t exactly happy with the situation she is in.  Ice, the right hand of Chains, is suspicious of Joe, and hates to see him getting closer to Chains. Ice eventually learns that he is indeed an undercover cop, but before he can reach Chains, he is killed. But his cover gets blown soon after, when the guy he supposedly killed turns up  alive. By then, the gang is already on their way to the Mississippi supreme court, to take hostages in an effort to stop one of their men, Trouble Owens, from being sentenced to death.  Joe seems to be the only one, who can stop them. This movie has it all, attitude, fist-fights, all guns blazing and bicycle chases.

I liked the cast,  especially Lance as Chains and William Forsythe as Ice.

Bosworth didn`t really do anything worth mentioning after this, especially nothing on this level. But in this movie, he was great as the cocky, take no bullshit cop.

movie-quote-CHAINS to STONE about the brotherhood`s flag:

“This may be a rag to the walking dead out there, but *this* is my flag, my cross, my church. And these colors don’t run… If they hit the ground even in a fight, I will peel your skin off with a knife dipped in shit.


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  1. Dude! I love this movie! Great review as usual! I gotta check this one out again!

    October 5, 2011 at 12:03 AM

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