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Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993)

Directed by Brian Yuzna

Ok, first of all, it seems that the ROTLD films have no great continuity going on, and that`s fine with me. Aside from the gas that we know from the films before.It`s probably the only thing you`d need to know about beforehand. That is all we need to get this movie on the road, so to speak.The experiments with the gas continue in a secret army lab. The zombies are stored in cans, which also contain that gas.

Colonel John Reynolds is part of this operation.

His son Curt steals his keycard and sneaks into the lab, together with his girlfriend Julie. For some reason,they think that`s a cool thing to do. They witness the resurrection of a dead corpse. They fear to be caught, so they leave. Later, the Colonel tells Curt that they are moving to another city, again. Curt of course gets upset and leaves with Julie on his motorcycle.

They have an accident on the road, Julie gets killed.

Curt is devastated, and in his panic he drives back to the lab, hoping to bring Julie back to life with the gas. It worked on the other guy, right? He just didn`t witness what happend after the resurrection. That former corpse killed a few of the staff and left a bloody mess in the lab. Not exactly what the scientists had hoped for, i guess.He sneaks in, again. Funny, how low the security is at this lab, but hey-it`s just a movie, right?

He successfully revives Julie,  and tells her she was dead. But the can he opened halfway to release the gas frees another one of the zombies. A guard gets killed, and they flee in panic. The security cams have recorded the incident, and now they are on the run. Julie already feels weird and gets hungry..not a good sign.

They stop to buy food, but they get in trouble with some mexicans(no racial profiling intended). From here on out it gets really crazy, in a good way. I won`t type down the whole plot, all of this was just the set up for the rest of the film.

It is really about the love story of Julie and Curt. As she slowly turns into a zombie, Kurt remains in denial and just wants to get away with her. But the mexicans  shoot the shop owner in an argument, and Julie bites one  of them. They escape with the shop owner in a van and get chased by the alarmed cops. But hey, i`m still telling the story frame by frame.

Maybe because there is so much happening here, and the story has quite a few twists and turns. It is one of the best zombie-themed films i`ve seen. It is very colorful, like a Albert Pyun movie or something.

The effects are pretty good and plenty, a fan of splatter does not get dissapointed watching this film. The amount of blood and gore rises every minute. You really feel sorry for the couple, and there isn`t much to laugh at here. It is a gory thrill ride, and when you think it`s over, it gets into gear for another round of zombie action. The one thing standing out is Julie, or should i say Melinda Clarke, who becomes the coolest zombie chick, ever. A wet dream of any horror fan, at least she is to me,lol. I really want a poster of the DVD cover. To me it`s just as iconic as any Letherface or Halloween poster .

If you haven`t seen this, and you happen to like zombie movies and plenty of splatter action -THIS IS FOR YOU!

Is there any hope for these two lovebirds on their way to hell? Only one way to find out!!!!! Sadly, only the R-rated version is available in widescreen, and the unrated is still in fullscreen…why is that? But because this movie is so awesome, i can stomach it in fullscreen, too. But still stupid…i wonder what the reasons are for such things.


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  1. Good one! I only saw this once when it first came out and can’t remember anything about it other than the lead chick, Melinda Clarke, was a hot zombie. lol. Based on your review, I’ll have to check it out now.

    September 29, 2011 at 6:33 PM

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