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Starring Bruce Le , Bolo Yeung

directed by Joseph Velasco

There’s a mysterious Chinese document that’s hidden in the Tower of Death, and evil Japanese occupiers want to get their hands on it. Meanwhile, a Chinese fighter  is training in the forest, only to be challenged by several Japanese fighters as well as , all of whom he easily defeats. Bruce and Bolo meet again in a wrestling ring, where Bruce once again defeats Bolo.

Bruce’s victory impresses the Japanese who want to hire him to go to the Tower of Death. However, Bruce is a Chinese nationalist and refuses. This leads to Bruce being challenged by another group of Japanese fighters in another forest, with Bruce once again reigning victorious. Shortly afterwards, Bruce discovers that a woman he thought was working for the Japanese is actually an undercover Chinese agent. They make a plan to retrieve the document from the Tower of Death. Like in the original “GAME OF DEATH”,Bruce Le arrives at the Tower of Death and ascends to the top level, defeating a different kung fu master at each floor. At the top level, he gets the document. From here on, Bruce defeats the Japanese bosses once and for all.

Now, the plot isn`really important here, is it?

I just watched it again, after it arrived today in the mail. I found it on amazon for cheap, and i felt i wanna have it, cuz to me, it was the best of the fake Bruce Lee flicks i`ve seen. I haven`t seen much, to tell the truth. And i don`t want to see any more . I had this as a VHS back in the day, and thought-“hey, why not get it again, if it`s that cheap”. It`s a fun watch,  and only for the goofy, fake Bruce Lee imitation and Bolo Yeung is it worth seeing. I am totally amazed how they abuse Bruce Lee`s name on the cover and movie titles without any sense of shame. But the chinese never cared for this kinda thing anyway, until this very day. The english DVD title at least doesn`t use BRUCE LEE`s name on the cover, but  the german one does, in all it`s shameful glory.It`s still the same cover they used 20 years ago.

Sometimes, the memory of a movie suggests, that it was way better than it actually is.  This is certainly the case here.  It is not a great movie, at all.  But i don`t mind having it on my shelf.  Sometimes , the mood just strikes for a goofy Bruceploitation flick like this.  The german DVD i got is  cut in a few scenes, the english DVD is uncut, it seems. Don`t know about the american release, but i`d  bet it`s identical to the english release. The american title was THE KING OF KUNG FU, but for the dvd release it seems to be the above title as well.


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