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Directed by: Gilbert Adler (1996)

Starring: Dennis Miller, Erika Eleniak, Chris Sarandon, Corey Feldman and more

This ist he second feature film that derived from the Tales from the Crypt TV series. First was DEMON KNIGHT, which i like very much , too. I`m not sure if this had a german cinematic release, but I believe, it didn`t. Which is ok, because the version we got was heavily cut, and whould have been a disgrace for every silver screen.

This is even funnier than DEMON KNIGHT, i couldn`t get enough of it, once I owned the uncut version.

It opens with a scene in the jungle, where a midget and his  henchmen want to reanimate a vampire queen from her grave. Well, actually only the midget wants that, the others don`t have a clue, until it`s too late. She gets back to life, thanks to the blood we all just know too well from Demon Knight. At least the vessel looks just like the one from that movie.

She feeds on his henchmen and returns to former beauty. Then the cryptkeeper introduces us to the movie, just as in Demon Knight: We cut to a small town, where some young dudes  hang out in a bar. Not long before the subject matter gets to sex and some dude cuts into the conversation and promises the best „guuoodamn pussy“ (that scene cracked me up right there) if they`d go to a certain address and ask for the „Cunningham wake“.

Two of them actually take the chance and drive right over. What they don`t know , of course, is that this is a trap by Vampires to get some fresh blood.It appears to be a bordello indeed, but the two boys soon end up food for the vampires.

One of the soon missing boys is Caleb(Corey Feldman-Lost Boys). His sister(Eleniak) goes to the police to file a missing persons report, but they aren`t very helpful. A  private investigator( Miller) , who hangs out at the police office, offers his help.

So far, so good, the whole plot is a bit too much to write down, and in case you haven`t seen it, why should i spoil it?

This is a top-notch comedy,  totally over the top,  add nudity and some serious bloody effects to the mix and you have Bordello of Blood.The funniest thing in this(to me) was the Reverend, played by Chris Sarandon.

He is one of the main characters and at his best when he delivers his speeches in front of a big audience and via live TV. That speech cracked me up so hard. Yessuuhh…

You have lots of beautiful and very naked women, blood in buckets, a smart-ass P:I: and a bunch of  funny characters. It is very hard to explain all this, except-It`s soo much fun. The perfect  „ Guy“movie to sit down, have a few beers  and forget  about work or what else might bother you. Sadly, the producers didn`t come up with more than these two movies. A third one was planned , but scrapped, after this performed poorly at the box office.

Truly sad, beacuse i believe, in the long run they did make some good money. And DEMON KNIGHT and BORDELLO OF BLOOD are awesome horror comedies, if you ask me.

But well, that`s Hollywood for ya.

I can only recommend. this trailer doesnt even show how funny this is…


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