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Directed by : Patrick Allen (his name is mispelled in the opening credits-lol)

Starring : Martin Kove, Bolo Yeung, William Zabka  and Myriam D`abo

Shootfighter is an extremely violent version of the (back then) extremely popular  martial- arts tournament  movies.  You could almost say „snuff movie-version“. It is that extreme and unnecessary brutal.But back then, that was just what i wanted. I was excited for anything extreme, a phase, that has long since  passed.

I`ve seen it all by now, and these days, although i`m not against gore in certain places, I can do without that kind of stuff. That`s why i`m no big fan of the SAW movies and other similar outings. Zombie movies are an exception. There, the gore comes with the territory. ( I love THE WALKING DEAD).

I had to hunt down the uncut version, after i realized, that the normal rental version was cut, and not just a little- a full 10 minutes were taken from the movie to get entry to german video stores. That was a big problem , germany would cut a lot of movies, even if the rating was 18(which was and still is the highest possible rating(although there are still differences, but that would take too long to explain).I had to pay quite some money to get the uncut tape back then.


It starts with a tournament, where the evil Mr. Lee (Martin Kove) kills an opponent, eventhough he already subdued him and was declared the winner. For that, he gets banned from shootfighting in Hong Kong for life.  He didn`t get to fight Shingo(Bolo Yeung) due to his discualification. Later ( im not sure how much time passes between that and the rest of the film), he has his own tournament, and tries to lure Shingo into fighting him, by getting Shingo`s  students into the tournament. This time, the fights are to the death.One of Shingo`s students( Zabka) falls for it and joins the tournament. His friend(Bernado) follows him, only to end up fighting, as well. When Shingo realizes, what his students are up to, the final confrontation between Lee and Shingo cannot be avoided anymore.

This movie offers brutal fights and a rare good-guy role for Bolo Yeung, who played baddies , most of the time. Lots of crazy martial-arts nutcases  await you,in a fight to the DEATH!!!!! If you`re still open to watch films like this(Bloodsport etc.), and you haven`t seen this yet-go ahead! I know, i enjoyed it.

Trivia: William Zabka and Martin Kove once  appeared together  in  KARATE KID …Zabka beeing his student, fighting Ralph Macchio.

There is also a sequel from 1996, also starring Bolo as well as Zabka and Bernardo.


One response

  1. Ty

    This was a blast! Loved the bit when Martin Kove sliced that pineapple.

    October 6, 2011 at 6:24 PM

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