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Directed by Phillip Noyce

He came, saw nothing and won!!!!

Rutger Hauer as a blind, sword-wielding Vietnam vet, that sounds awesome, and it is!

After  writing a review of SPLIT SECOND, and reading robotgeeks review on HITCHER, i couldn`t help but looking again at the over 130 movies Rutger Hauer starred in. And i stopped at BLIND FURY, one of those films , that should have a place in every action-geeks shelf. Here is an example of a tough action movie, that also includes lots of humor, and balances both convincingly. It even manages to evoke feelings in the viewer, which isn`t always  the case with movies like this. Phillip Noyce assembled a great cast, from Meg Foster (intense eyes), Nick Cassavetes ( THE WRAITH), Sho Kosugi( yep-that Ninja guy), Randall „Tex“ Cobb(Arizona Junior) and lots more. But Rutger Hauer is the main actor here, and he is awesome as the blind vet. He gets to be funny, tough and all-around awesome.

The film opens with  a massacre in Vietnam, that seemed to have killed all of his fighting buddies, leaving Hauer blinded and believed M.I.A.. But he gets found and rescued by villagers, who nurse him back to health .He remains blinded, but they teach him to adapt  and introduce him to the art of sword-fighting. After some time, he proves to be a very good  blind sword fighter.

20 years later:

Nick Parker (Hauer) wants to visit his old War Buddy Frank in Miami. At the same time, Frank gets forced to work for a crime boss to produce drugs.

After a little „brawl“ in a restaurant he arrives at Frank`s address . His Ex-wife opens the door and invites him in. She tells him, that he is now working as a chemist in Reno. The conversation is interrupted by fake? cops, who want to kidnap Frank`s son Billy, to further pressure him into working for them. Nick can fight off the villains , but Billy`s mother gets killed , Billy gets knocked out. Before she dies, he promises to protect Billy. Now he has to get to Reno and find Frank, and protect the kid from further attempts to kidnap him. Billy is left in the dark about his mothers passing, for now.

He gives Nick a hard time during the ride to Reno, but the relationship gets better in the process. They are still beeing chased by the goons of the crime boss, and there is plenty of awesome action and laughs throughout. Nick even gets to ride a car, as blind as he is.

I leave the rest of the story open, only saying that Sho Kosugi  has a final sword fight with Hauer at the end. When the credits roll, you  have seen one of the best action movies of the  very late eighties. At least that is my take on it.

I`m not sure why it took him so long to seek out his old friend, but that is nit-picking, i guess.

It seems like there is no Blue-Ray yet, which is a true shame, but the DVD i`ve seen, already has pretty good picture quality. And i believe anyway, that you don`t need just any movie on Blue-Ray.


2 responses

  1. I love this movie! Any movie with a blind swordsman is already cool, add Rutger Hauer and then a sword fight with Sho Kosugi, and it rules!
    Great review and thanks for the mention!!

    September 25, 2011 at 8:58 PM

  2. Hey! I just realized we both did a Rutger Hauer review at the same time! lol. In different parts of the world! 🙂

    September 25, 2011 at 9:00 PM

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