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Directed by  Jake West

So, i sat down watching this with my brother, who bought the DVD just recently and urged me to watch it with him. I didn`t know about this movie , i had no info on it, whatsoever. I believe that i once saw the first 2 minutes or so, not sure if it was on TV or in any other form. But i remember that i dismissed it, i didn`t believe that it could be any good.

But it turns out, the beginning, as cheap and stupid it may have seemed to me, are not able to paint a picture of what you are about to get , if you leave the film running.

What you get is one of the most entertaining and fun flicks since  BAD TASTE and BRAINDEAD (DEAD ALIVE), i still prefer the title BRAINDEAD for that Peter Jackson flick. It was altered, at least in Germany, because it was  seized or confiscated  here, -can you tell me the fuck-WHY? It`s a comedy, a bloody one, but a comedy, holy cow…we had something similar happen with DEMON KNIGHT. One idiot is enough, to get that film seized , and leave it VERBOTEN for quite some time..such a ridiculous thing to do.

There are other films, that deserve that, maybe…with A SERBIAN FILM, i can understand it beeing cut. But those movies mentioned above are comedies, for crying out loud…!!!

OK, back to EVIL ALIENS:

The first scene is a couple , they have sex under the night sky and something crashes down to earth…some Aliens appear and abduct them into their ship. They do some nasty, nasty things to them.

A TV channel has a show called WEIRD WORLD, which is all about Aliens and stuff like that. The reports are faker than fake, and the viewer ratings are beyond bad.

The reporter Michelle Fox (goodlooking) convinces her boss to check out the story of Cat, who claims to have been abducted and impregnated by Aliens. They assemble a team to visit Cat and maybe get a story that could boost ratings again. We have a camera man, a sound guy, 2 actors to reenact the abduction story, as well as an UFO and Alien „expert“.

They drive to the island Cat lives on, which is full of stones that remind you of stonehenge and all that. They find Cats house and enter, only to find 3 welsh guys, who seem to be somewhat demented and don`t speak any normal english, but welsh…thank god for subtitles,lol.(don`t worry, they are hardcoded).Luckily Cat arrives before things go outta hand, she was asleep in a back room.

Soon they are setting up things to film and report on the story everybody still thinks is just another hoax.

But real Aliens soon appear, and that`s when things get crazy…

The film continues to become a fun splatterfest galore, with lots of very funny scenes, some characters here could easily carry their own movie, that`s how much fun they are. The effects are cheap, there would be room for omprovement, but it really doesn`t take away the heap of fun this is. Sometimes it reminded me a bit too much of BRAINDEAD, but maybe that`s actually a nod to Peter Jackson, because otherwise it would be a lame steal of  ideas.

But there is also lots of stuff here that`s original  and imaginative.

You get Sex with Aliens(awesome), Body-popping splatter in every way possible. Guns, swords and archery…there are lots of ways to kill an Alien here, for sure.  The Aliens themselves look like Astronauts crossed with Predators, nothing mindbendingly new, but it is good enough. Did i mention this was FUN? I am so glad, my bro bought this DVD and forced me to see it. Sadly, most of the characters get killed, i really didn`t want most of them to die, because they were fun to watch. But ok, you can`t have it all…but lots of fun!!!!!! ( make sure to get the unrated version)

The director also did Doghouse(2009), Pumpkinhead-Ashes to Ashes(2006),and many Horror documentaries and shorts.


2 responses

  1. damn brotha! i never heard of this! sounds like my kinda flick! lol.
    gonna have to check this out! i love movies like that! great review as always!

    September 23, 2011 at 3:53 AM

    • Richard

      This one slipped under my radar. Thanks for the review. Don’t know if shall feel the same afterwards but appreciate the detail, honesty and passion you put into it-beats most other film critics hands down.

      April 6, 2015 at 6:02 PM

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