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Adrenalin: Fear the Rush (1996) directed by Albert Pyun

Ok, second try after my pc froze with half the review finished, niice..watched  COVER UP with Dolph Lundgren inbetween, to let the motherf..of a PC cool down.

In 2007 AD, a virus sweeps across Europe. Many flee to the United States where they are held in quarantine camps. At the Boston camp, police officer Delon (Natasha Henstridge), hoping to leave with her son, has used black-market contacts to acquire a passport. Delon’s partner is decapitated while they are investigating a killing, and another officer, Lemieux (Christopher Lambert) arrives with back-up. They move in on the killer, a psychotic who could infect the entire city within six hours.

Ok, i have to say that i like this movie for some odd reason. Its in no way a great movie, it has more flaws than i have hair in my ears,lol. Let`s see , i took some notes as i just recently watched it, after i found it in the one Euro bargain bin(used i might add).1996 was the year when Pyun also made the waste of a movie called NEMESIS 4-Death Angel.

First of all, the intro…5 or 6 minutes are given to tell us about the collapse of  the world as we know it and blablabla…Because, first of all we need an excuse for the cheap place this thing is filmed at. Still, i somehow liked that. I like post-apocalyptic movies.

The Synopsis above, i took from rottentomatoes btw..doesnt say that this killer looks somewhat disfigured and has ugly, abnormal teeth and whatnot. And he is able to shoot a gun, better than Lambert, but  more about that later. My notes, yeah…i laughed at the police cars, because they look nothing like what you would expect in Boston as police cars, simply cuz this isn`t filmed in Boston.Its filmed somewhere in eastern Europe. It says POLICIA!!! COOL, Huh?

And Boston seems to be looking just as run-down as eastern Europe did , just a few minutes ago..HAHAHA!

But i can ignore that, if i want to. The chase that follows after Lambert arrives as back up, is a pretty slow process. I understand , that it`s not so easy crawling through sewer tunnels, but still it takes up too much of my movie-watching time.But Natasha Henstridge looks great here, even with her clothes on, all sweaty and roughed up.Lambert doesn`t really shine here, but he tries his best with the little he is given.There are quite some good actors in this, Norbert Weisser and Andrew Divoff, who are Pyun regulars and of course the above mentioned. Nicholas Guest was pretty bad here as the chief of police, I don`t remember , if he ever acted better than he did here.

Lambert proved early in the film to be a terrible shot, if he is the best guy they have , they are screwed! Later on he gets shot, more than once, but he doesn`t even try to avoid more bullet hits, very strange.And Natasha? She is right around the corner, watching him getting shot repeatedly, and doesn`t do shit about it. Hmm…i dunno , that sort of thing makes me wanna jump at the screen and take matters into my own hands. Later on, after lots of chasing and some more dead people, a team of  anti-contamination  suits joins the search..will they survive? Will they? Will Natasha get to wherever she wants to go? If you wanna know, im afraid  you have to watch this!

I don`t know why, but despite all those flaws i detected, i`m still  unable to hate this movie. There is something i can`t put my finger on…I´m like that, sometimes just one aspect of a film makes me like it. In this case i can`t be sure what it is. It is simple, with no gimmicks, just Guns , teeth, tunnels. Maybe it `s the fact, that this feels somewhat like  a video game,  with all the tunnels and run-down buildings.Don`t hate me, if you watch this and find nothing to like here.

My taste in movies is strange sometimes.

I have seen both versions, one is 77 minutes short, the other 94. I just saw the 94 minute version.Only the americans are stuck with the short R-rated one. Rest of the world got the longer cut. To see the differences, visit here:


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