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NEVER SLEEP AGAIN -The Nightmare On Elm Street Legacy

After i read an article about the upcoming”A Return To The Living Dead” documentary over at robotGEEKS Cult Cinema,

i was reminded that i still had to watch this 4-hour documentary on the Elm Street films, which i grew up with and love to this day. I still remember, how i went to see the 4th Elm Street film in a small cinema near my home, just a 10 minute walk away.I was 16, and blown away by it. The first three , i knew from watching them with friends at home.We would watch Zombie movies, Rambo and Nightmare on Elm Street, excited to watch stuff that wasn`t really age appropiate.And i also had to witness the awful reimagination or remake or whatever they call it. The Friday 13th remake wasn`t that bad, but Freddy without Robert Englund didn`t sit well with me, at all.This documentary is 4 hours long, but i sat thru it in one take, only pausing for the  occasional bladder relief.I really loved to see all these directors at work, talking about teir take on the Freddy franchise, most of them beeing first time directors, or at least very early in their careers.And some of them made it big after their encounter with Freddy.I love making of stuff, especially if its a movie you care for very much. Stuff like the making of BAD TASTE, The Matrix , Rococop, i sit there with pure joy and marvel at the talent , ideas and dedication that goes into making a good movie.It is basically a making-of marathon, for every Nightmare film up to FREDDY VS JASON, including the TV series as well.The second disc includes even more stuff, every aspect is covered here, featurettes about the fans, video games and so on.

AMAZON Link with more info here

This 2-disc Set , for under 25 $ is a must have for every Freddy Fan out there.


One response

  1. man! i still need to see this! great review!

    September 12, 2011 at 4:42 AM

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