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POINT BLANK (1998) Mickey Rourke on Steroids

Director: Matt Earl Beesley

This was a total surprise, when i came across this little gem of an action movie..beeing a huge Fan of Mickey Rourke, it needed less than a second to decide to rent this, and later buying it, in a beautiful big VHS case. And again lucky, as it was uncut. As i mentioned in another Review, that was quite an issue in Germany with certain films, often you simply got cheated out of the uncut version, eventhough it had the highest possible Rating, beeing forbidden under 18. So, needless to say, i was excited to have rented a badass action movie with Mickey Rourke.


Death row inmate Joe Ray (Kevin Gage) is among a group of dangerous prisoners being transported by bus, when they are “liberated” by a heavily-armed attack squad. The prisoners shoot up a shopping mall and take hostages. Joe’s ex-commando brother, Rudy (Mickey Rourke) hears about the standoff and sneaks his way into the mall with his weapons and ninja techniques to free the hostages and rescue his wayward brother.

Rourke did his share of action films, but never before did he something like this. It is a bit like a Die Hard movie in a mall, something you wouldn`t have expected Mickey Rourke to play, really. But only one  year before this he played with Van Damme in “Double Team”, and i recall him saying, that he got a new found respect for action movies and their participants after doing that flick.He never looked beefier, than he does here. So he might have enjoyed doing this movie, or so i hope. He definitely delivered a good one with “POINT BLANK”. But also the rest of the cast and the director delivered good work here. At least i was very pleased with this one, even if you could find stuff to bitch about. But if all you want is a brutal action movie with lots of memorable scenes, you can`t go wrong with this one.

It all starts with the breakout of a bunch of inmates , who then enter a mall and take hostages. Rudy`s brother is one of them. Rudy seems to lead a quiet  life on the outskirts of the city with his father. He fears that his brother will end up dead if he doesn`t act, so he drives off to get his brother out of the whole situation.

The whole film seems to be a tongue n cheek take on the diehard -kinda films, including overacting, beeing way too cool for school attitude and enough blood to fill a bathtub. There is drama going on, as each one of the convicts has a story to tell, which slows down the film a bit here and there, but it`s welcome, as the rest of the film is just  all-out action, and wouldn`t last an hour without these scenes. Danny Trejo has a crazy cool part in this, and the showdown between him and Rourke is awesome in my opinion. What made this even more memorable, was the use of the song “knocking on heaven`s door”(some cover version..and i liked it). Some say, this is the worst Mickey Rourke ever did, and i understand that point of view. But i didn`t rent this to see Hamlet, i wanted to see Rourke kick some serious ass.

And  we are here reviewing action b-movies and such, not the latest Oscar contender.I`m a sucker for Mickey Rourke, be it a beer commercial, Barfly or this. I just love this guy. Shut off your brain and run the tape…………

Hellford667 (2011)


3 responses

  1. dude, i’ve never heard of this one! i must see this!!!!!

    September 12, 2011 at 4:47 AM

  2. I assure you, you have to!:)

    September 12, 2011 at 12:46 PM

  3. Ty

    This was hilariously bad! When Mickey Rourke performed a “Roundhouse kick”, that was comedy gold.

    October 6, 2011 at 6:28 PM

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