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Directed by  James Wong (2001)

Jet Li sure has done better movies than this, but  I remember this for some great action scenes and a story, that could be stolen from some anime, cuz anime tends to be crazy like this.

There is not one universe. There are many: A multiverse. We have the technology to travel between universes, but travel is highly restricted and policed. There is not one you. There are many. Each of us exists in present time, in parallel universes. There was balance in the system, but now a force exists who seeks to destroy the balance so he can become The One.

This is the starting point. One power-hungry guy named Yulaw ( Jet Li), wants to kill all of his multiverse incarnations to become THE ONE. Soon , there is only one target left, unaware of what is going on. Yulaw is already very powerful, since every death of one of his multiverse alter egos makes him stronger. But the same is true for any of them, aware or not.Yulaw  used to be an MVA agent( the multiverse police), and his former partner Roedecker(Delroy Lindo ) and his newly assigned sidekick Agent Funsch(what kind of name is that?) must stop him. They fear that , if Yulaw should succeed, there is a possibility that the universe could die or make Yulaw invincible.Both options aren`t good, so he must be stopped, regardless. Gabe Law(the last remaining target and good guy) eventually learns about the whole mess and has to fight his spitting image and protect his wife in the process.

Back in 2001, the effects where pretty solid, now you might laugh at some of  it.But it`s not a B-movie by any means, it did have a decent budget. The story itself  feels like B-movie heaven, nothing pretencious, just a crazy story with a budget that allows for good effects and settings without having to cut back on them, as most b-movies just have to, due to money constraints. Do I make sense? It’s a b-movie with a budget, ok? Hell…

Jet Li seems to have fun playing the bad guy. Jason Staham was a bit younger .

Ten years have passed , since this played in theatres. I was working in a cinema back then, full-time. Heaven on earth, really. I got to see all movies for free, even taking some friends with me was no problem. This is a  fun flick, rushing by fast. And when the credits rolled, I was wishing for a sequel somehow. It was that much fun. But considering the plot and the ending, it couldn`t be much more than a rehash of this movie. Jet Li  has done better fight scenes than displayed here, and there is quite an amount of matrix-like effects, which a Jet Li really does not need.But it helped to do some of the more over the top fight scenes .

I know I had fun watching it, and sure will put this in my DVD-player a few more times in the future. This is not a Jet Li must-have, but a fun 90 minutes to waste.


2 responses

  1. Ty

    Good review! This wasn’t that bad. It is weird to Statham with hair!

    September 8, 2011 at 2:59 PM

  2. this is one of those that i never got around to watching. i like jet li, but was never impressed with most of his american work. unleashed looked pretty cool though, but it’s another one i never got around to.
    great review man! and dude, statham with hair does look weird. what was that other movie he made? with guy ritchie where he had long black hair and a fu manchu mustache? i think it’s revolver. he looked so weird in that!

    September 13, 2011 at 6:22 PM

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