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Directed by Dwight H. Little

Well, it`s Brandon Lee, what can i say?

He died way too early from a stupid accident on the set of “The Crow”.

We will never see what he might have done, had he lived. Just as we had to live with the early demise of the god-like popular Bruce Lee .  The way both died is stuff for legend and conspiracy theories. But ok, this kinda intro must have been written a million times over , so let`s get to the movie: RAPID FIRE.

Brandon plays Jake Lo, a student who witnesses the killing of some mobsters by the hand ofTony Serrano, a drug dealer. As the only one who saw him committing these murders, he gets witness protection. But thanks to some corrupt FBI agents, he isn`t safe for long..No need to go deeper, as this isn’t exactly Oscar material…its one of those awesome early nineties action flicks that I can watch time and time again without losing anything of its greatness.It has a pretty good cast, featuring Powers Boothe, who has made quite a few great films,Nick Mancuso, who makes for an awesome villain, with quotable material.

At least I liked quoting the “You`re sweating like a pig, all you want is to get out of here..”lines.

Also we have a few asian guys worth mentioning, Tzi Ma,Al Leong and Dustin Nguyen. Of course, Brandon is partly asian, too.

But at the heart of all this is, of course, the action. And boy, do we get some nice action here.

Brandon shows, that he has quite some skills in martial arts, aside from the undeniable good looks, which sure helped making him an icon after his untimely death.

He became quite the Gothic poster boy ,after the Crow hit. A great movie with the son of Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee, who sadly shared his fathers early death. But nobody would`ve given a shit if he was butt-ugly. He could have been huge, but I said that already, didn’t I?

It’s a very satisfying watch, this has all the ingredients of a great, memorable B-movie.

Dwight H. Little has made lots of movies I like,or so I thought…Actually he did only a few.Funny how your feeling can be so wrong. He did Marked for Death with Segal and Halloween 4..and oddly enough-Free Willy 2. But he was one of those directors who could deliver a great action flick. Maybe he was just lucky, I dunno. He then went on to work for TV, mostly. Anyway, good job with this one.



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  1. i’m the same way. i always thought or felt that Little had made a bunch of 80’s to 90’s action flicks but in reality, he only made a few which is a shame. the guy is good at action. oh well, i guess you gotta get whatever work you can get. lol. but i agree, i love this movie. hadn’t seen it in forever. i’ll have to give it another viewing soon.
    great review man!

    August 31, 2011 at 3:53 PM

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