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FULL ECLIPSE (1993) -Directed by Anthony Hickox

This one just came to mind as I was recapping  possible review material,,,,since I sold my entire movie collection a few years back, and since then was short on money, it wasn`t sitting on my shelf anymore.

It was a beautiful VHS , in a great blue case with glued-on cover. And it had a  sticker , that said” US VERSION  garantueed uncut!” Which had to be said, cuz we often got cut versions in Germany, even if they were adult (18 +) .That truly is or was an insult…you`re finally old enough, and then they cut a movie sold only to adults…there was nothing beyond this, you`re an adult with all rights n duties, but still you aren`t allowed to see an actionfilm in it`s uncut glory? I know this even happened or maybe still happens in the US, at least there are uncut versions or DCs coming out on DVD, after you`ve been F`d over at the cinema. I remember, that Hard Target was cut on it`s first release, and after a little time has passed, there it was-full uncut version…alongside the normal version(this referres to the UK tape.)

During the early 90`s, Mario Van Peebles was making a few good movies, ok..maybe even before that, too.

And the cover looked cool as hell, so I rented it. Also, Patsy Kensit was considered hot back then, she was a singer and actress and girlfriend of the one or other famous person back then..and having Bruce Payne as the bad guy doesn`t hurt, either…The story starts with a police raid that goes horribly wrong,The partner of Max Dire( van Peebles) gets badly wounded, but soon after he is back on the job and acts like Dirty Harry on Speed….That ,and his marriage troubles make his head spin.

Detective Max Dire is  referred to the Department’s police crisis counsellor Garou(Payne).He shows interest in him as the good cop he is and offers his help

He invites him to a group counselling .

He gets offered  to join a special crime force that doesn´t give a shit about the law or code of conduct.Soon after, Garou  tells Casey Spencer(Kensit) to make him join. Seems like a not so difficult task, as the sexual tension between them is evident.

He then  gets invited to observe one of the special operations ..and  he witnesses them injecting themselves something…which Garou dismisses as a flu-injection, but by now you know it must be something else.

Through his nightvision binoculars he witnesses a massacre on a bunch of gangsters and a few other disturbing details…he feels , he has to report that to his chief, but he dismisses his concerns and tells him what an honour it would be  to serve under Garou…he later meets Casey, who does her best to convince him to join the squad, they have sex ,and she then shows him the effects of the drug they are it wasn`t a flu shot after all…but a drug that turns you into a kind of  werewolf ,with an enhanced healing capability and extreme strength…what will he do now? I will let you discover this for yourself, as i`ve already told half the story. This is a made for TV, HBO movie…dark and violent. If you thought, made for TV movies must suck-think again. It has great shoot-outs, lots of action, and a great , modern  take on the werewolf-genre. Another early 90`s flick that feels more like the thing they made in the late 80`s. A kind of film that I feel don`t get made anymore..i cannot put my finger on it, really. But I know no movie really, that looks and feels like the late 80´s and a few of the early 90`s movies.  Maybe it is society that changed so dramatically in the last 2 decades, I just don`t know how to explain this. Maybe you get the idea I am trying to voice here. Unless a movie gets made with excatly the intention to look n feel like these movies, like a lot of movies now wanna look like grindhouse flicks from the 70`s.Most of them still feel fake and forced. HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN was one I think succeeded somewhat in that area…but still.

If you`re a sucker for dark and violent action flicks , this is for you and a great way to waste 90 something minutes.


a DVD is available:


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  1. aw man! i remember this one! i loved it back then! i also had the VHS of this forever!
    i wonder if it’s available in widescreen?

    August 23, 2011 at 2:35 AM

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