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HANGMEN (1987)

Release: Hangmen (1987)

Directed By: J. Christian Ingvordsen                                           


Rick Washburn

Dog Thomas

Keith Bogart

J. Christian Ingvordsen

Sandra Bullock

Runtime. Approx. 90 minutes
Rob Greene has information about an undercover terror team inside the CIA led by Joe Connelly. To stay alive with the knowledge, he is advised to stay undercover by his supervisor Andrews. Connelly’s men try to kill Greene, but he can escape and warns his son Danny that he also may be in danger and that he should look for Dog Thompson, an old military friend of Greene’s. Together with Thompson and Bone Conn, another ex-soldier, Danny tries to escape Connelly’s henchmen. Meanwhile, Connelly figures that Danny’s friend Lisa would make a good target in order to get Danny and also his father.

So far goes the Imdb info….

I have seen this on  VHS in Romania, around 1992. It was a Romanian-dubbed version, well, narrated by only one guy , actually.That’s the way you watched videos in  Romania back then, every movie was narrated/translated by one guy, sometimes 2(man and woman).

Crazy way of watching a movie. But back then, my film hunger was insatiable, hungry for anything I haven’t seen, with the focus on action and horror( I was 19, 20 back then).

I liked the main actor right away, and the rest of the good guys I liked a lot, too. The bad guys looked less interesting, nothing noteworthy there, really.

Just your typical goons in suits. The only thing that comes to mind here , is a fireman with a big`ll know when you see it!

Most people will dismiss this movie as really bad. But to me, its again a movie that`s part of my life and reminds of good times in Romania(summer, girls and adventure).

Been to Romania 11 times since 1991, lots of memories….and I have seen plenty of films there, with an admission fee of 50 cents for a movie or so. Sometimes I watched 3 movies a day.

Good ol`times.

John Christian (Ingvordsen) plays Bone Conn, and I cannot help myself, but he reminded me a lot of David Emge, best know for his role in DAWN OF THE DEAD.The whole look of the film reminded me of the Zombie and Cannibal movies.

Bad acting, mostly, and merciless killings, low to no-budget,plus creepy music.

We also have Sandra Bullock in her first role here…looking even cuter,this young.

And of course Jake La Motta, the famous boxer, appears as Moe Boone.

I read that this was actually made in 1982, but the guy who wrote that, didn’t provide anything to prove it.

But its very likely, that he had problems selling the film to a distributor back then. But any other information says 1987, I don’t know what to believe.Too bad, he doesn’t seem to be active much on the net.Other independent directors, most notably Albert Pyun, are easier to get in contact with.

This movie has a lot of gun play, from uzi to AK-47 , everything is photographed, as if a gun nut was behind the camera.

There are a lot of close ups in general, crazy angles…. be it the guns or the actors, it all has a pretty unique style…back then I thought, that’s what cheap movies look like, but the camerawork brings a special feeling to the movie.The world  this plays in , is dark and merciless, and the camera sucks you into a claustrophobic nightmare.

The only thing that really sucks without excuse is the sound design, sometimes background noise is missing, the score is interrupted from scene to scene, and sometimes even the soundlevel drops without reason.

But, despite all flaws, this very low-budget movie  is burned into my cineastic soul and deserves a watch.

I certainly watch it from time to time, forever staying in my top ten list of low-budget cult trash.

Thanks to Sandra Bullocks name, it got released on DVD, cheap as hell.this also is on Youtube in full.




2 responses

  1. i’ve never heard of this one before. and i can’t imagine what it’s like watching a movie when you only have one person dubbing all the voices from when you were watching them back in Romania. That’s crazy! lol. how can you take it seriously?! good review man, maybe i’ll get a chance to check it out someday. 🙂

    August 5, 2011 at 6:32 PM

  2. Well, its basically the sound of the movie subdued whenever the translation sets annoying, sure..but i learned the language a bit there as well…:)

    August 5, 2011 at 8:22 PM

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