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SPLIT SECOND (1992) Rutger Hauer is a badass…




He’s seen the future…Now he has to kill it. He’ll need bigger guns

Directed by Tony Maylam                                      

Rutger Hauer as Harley Stone

Kim Cattrall as Michelle

Neil Duncan as Dick Durkin

(changed his name to Alistair Duncan?)

Well, here I am, writing about another one of  the movies that stayed in my brain for whatever reason.

I googled another review of this by chance and it got torn to shreds pretty much, for various reasons.

And I cannot agree on most of the stuff that was written about the movie there.

It really depends on how one reflects on his experience with movies.

I`m not looking at films by dissecting every aspect of it, like direction , camerawork, acting and such.

Sometimes it stands out and is worth mentioning, sure.But it cannot explain why one enjoys a movie or not.

A film isn’t mathematics…its feeling. I´m a very silent watcher, i keep my judgement  in check until the credits are rolling, unless its honest to god unwatchable.When i`m watching movies with friends, some feel

the urge to comment on any scene, any action going on, the guy you`d wanna kill, if he sat near you in a cinema.Maybe that’s why I like and love a lot of B-movies other people hate.I see them differently than they doThat’s ok, it would be boring, if we all would like the same movies, wouldn`t it? But the way one is watching a movie differs quite a bit.They aren`t all  cineastes.So this here might just be an example of it! It steals from certain movies, the story might have one or two plot holes,and it`s got an ending that leaves you a little on the disappointed side, maybe.Its not perfect, but I like it a lot, despite its shortcomings.

Imdb rating as of now is 5.8, which is pretty fair I guess, but cannot tell you if to watch it or not…numbers just can`t do that.

Big movies, that are successful, get up to 9.0 or what ratings, and I still wanna call them utter crap.Good example is INCEPTION.It got so much praise, and I just went-WTF did you see in this ,people? But ok, im not going into a Review of that film-I just hated it..deserves no review.So, if you`re watching a movie after imdb ratings, you`re  as dumb as they come.

Ok, rant time is over-back to Split Second:

Its 2008-London –United Kigdom ( the near future)

Its been raining for 40 days n nights, London is pretty much flooded, the torrential rain being the effect of global warming.

The pollution of the air got so extreme, that daylight is almost a thing of the past.

Enters Rutger Hauer….an intro  80`s badass style, that would`ve worked for Stallone and Arnie just the same.

He is a cop, and he is on a  hunt….right away, its obvious that he doesn’t play by the rules…he is being tailed by a colleague, who is reporting back to HQ as to what he is up to.

He is hunting a killer, who snuffed his partner a few years ago. He seems to feel his presence, which is hinted at by the sound of a heartbeat, that gets faster, the nearer he gets to him.

He wants him bad, really bad.

The movie is dark, but colorful, blue is the dominating color.Which to my eyes, looks great.Another one is red, but that’s just the blood,lol.

Yeah, it`s pretty gory in parts, most of the time we just see the aftermath of the killings but never the full extent of the actual act itself.

Which to me makes sense, cuz it builds up anticipation and suspense…til we finally get to see the Killer.

Again, I won`t give away certain details, cuz I have to assume, you haven`t seen the film.

That goes for other details as well, I just think it would take away a bit of the`d go like”Oh  yeah, I remember that from the review..!”

Reading summaries after the fact might be fun, but spoilers I try to avoid as much as possible, it’s a review , not a minute-by –minute summary.

Rutger Hauer  is totally overacting in this one, total badass, tough guy, a man with a temper , the only thing on his mind is that killer.

Later in the film he is teaming up with a Rookie , which he totally refuses to work with at first, but due to his reckless actions he gets ordered to have a sidekick, who isn’t oblivious to protocol.

So, it developes into kind of a buddy action-flick as time goes by…with priceless one-liners , which are welcome in this dark and gritty setting.

Kim Cattrall adds a bit of eye-candy along the way. Did I mention this is an English production?  I assume, its an all –English cast, and not the worst either, excluding of course Rutger Hauer, who is of dutch decent.

The English are making great movies, the downside may be the accents, that range from Irish to Scottish to Oxford English. That can be pretty distracting, sometimes you will even need subtitles.

But ok….it aint that bad in this movie…I didn’t need any subtitles.

You`re halfway into the story already, and without giving away more of the story, let`s sum it up:

Badass Rutger

One-liners en masse

Atmospheric, gritty, dark…

Bigger guns

Lots of  blood

Kim Cattralls tits

-steals from a few movies, but I can live with that.

To me, it has a high rewatchability, something I can`t say  about certain 100 million dollar films.

If I think of Ruger Hauer, I think of: BLADE RUNNER, SPLIT SECOND and lately HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN…he did  a lot other good movies, but these come to my mind first.

Hope, this got you interested..go see it already….


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  1. great review dude! i only saw this once when it first came out and sadly never again. and with most of these kind of flicks, it’s not currently available for purchase here in the states. what a shame.

    August 3, 2011 at 3:30 PM

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