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THE PARTY ANIMAL (1984)? –I have read anything from 1983 to 85 , not sure what is true..but it doesn’t matter too much.

David Beaird, who directed this, also made a movie with Jennifer Tilly…have to track that down(American Cocktail)

Right off the bat I have to say this is easily my Nr. 1 sex comedy.

I say sex comedy, cuz there are other comedies I would put in a top spot as well, like CLERKS , but I am unable to pick only one for the top spot.

So sex comedy extremico ultimo numero uno for me, this is!!!

I can`t believe its not better known, even if there are quite a few fans out there, who feel the same like me.

Luckily, its still available on DVD, quite cheap even.I saw it first in german language(my native tongue), and even if I watch most of my movies these days in english, the german dubbing is great, some lines come across even funnier than in the original.But that’s just me, and im afraid, not a lot of germans will read this. There is no german DVD , sadly, I owned the german VHS, but sold it without keeping a copy….i will eventually buy one copy off ebay(there is one right now at 30 Euros…ewww). I have ordered the US DVD anyway, just to be sure to have it in decent form forever.

Ok, with that info out of the way, lets get to it, shall we?

The film stars Matthew Causey as Pondo, Timothy Carhart as Studly and Jerry Jones as Elbow.

Matthew Causey is some kind of professor now in Ireland, if im not mistaken, and he isn’t too fond of this movie. Why will remain a mystery to me, cause he is great in this movie.

So…Pondo is riding into town on a beat up truck, his destination-the college…

He very fast makes a first friend, Studly, who soon will have his hands full helping Pondo Sinatra(that’s his full name) to get some pussy.

Cuz that’s his problem: He is a virgin!!! And he is extremely desperate to change that. Sounds average, you say? Just to this point, what`s ahead is so outragesly funny, its hard to put in words.

We are introduced to the character of Pondo by interviews of people, who met him, friends, girls who went on a date with him etc.Seems,

by the point the interviews are taking place, he is sorta famous, a  legend.

There also is a mysterious woman, who watches him from afar, several times during the movie. Her agenda remains unknown..for now.

The movie continous with multiple attempts by Pondo , to lose his virginity. Studly is doing his best to help, by giving tips and clues as how to get a womans attention.

Pondos attempts are hilarious, I can`t give away all the stuff he tries or how…you have to see it for yourself, to believe it.

Every attempt fails, until he tries to cook up some potion, that promises to make him irresistible.The idea comes from his german professor, who is a very funny character on his own.

Can he make the ultimate  potion? Will he succeed in getting some pussy? Watch this to find out.

This film is over the top-hilarious and ridiculous…as I said-hard to put into words.

Something that supports this movie greatly , is the soundtrack. There is one song, that seems not to exist in any regular form, and that’s unfortunate, but I was able to gather most of the soundtrack, all great songs.

R.E.M. – Radio Free Europe
The Buzzcocks – Why Can’t I Touch It
The Buzzcocks – I Don’t Mind
The Buzzcocks – Everybody’s Happy Nowadays
The Buzzcocks – Harmony In My Head
The Fleshtones – Right Side Of Good Things
The Fleshtones – Roman Gods
Chelsea – War Across The Nation
Dream 6 – Rain
The New Marines – No Peace Through Chemistry
The Untouchables – The General
Gerald Michenaud – Kill The White Man
Gerald Michenaud – They Don’t Like My Clothes
The Convertibles – She’s Just A Girl (the song I just cannot find..dammit)
Gazmo – Goin’ Mental
Matthew Causey – The Party Animal


So, if you want over the top hilarity and a great soundtrack and lots of half-naked girls…this is for you!!!!

The DVD can be found on amazon and most other sites that sell DVDs.


One response

  1. UselessFool

    Great Movie!! I rember watching it over and over again as a party starter down in the 80s. I know the german version as well and I still have the VHS (from ebay for a little money). Biggest thing is the brilliant soundtrack. I have some Buzzcocks tracks on vinyl, but most of the rest is a miracle. Got to give it another try on youtube.

    January 15, 2013 at 5:01 PM

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